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About New Solar Panel 2

August 28,2023
  [Compatibility]: The EBL security camera solar charger is specifically designed for cameras equipped with a rechargeable battery and a micro USB or USB-C port. Please note that it is not compatible with Ring, Arlo, or Blink Cameras. With its 5V 5W fast charging capability, this solar charger delivers high power ratings, ensuring uninterrupted operation for your security camera. Rest easy knowing that your camera will always be powered and ready.


   [360° Adjustable Mounting Bracket and IP65 Waterproof Design]: With 360° Adjustable Mounting Bracket, you can easily to install your solar panel direct to the sun, and IP65 waterproof,no need to worry about rainy days,this solar panel for security camera can work for all day and night.


  [Advanced Protection Features for Solar Panel]: Our solar panel is equipped with a smart IC that offers comprehensive protection against overcharging, overheating, over-voltage, and short-circuit situations, ensuring your safety at all times. With this advanced protection system in place, you can enjoy the benefits of green energy without any worries. Trust in our solar panel to provide reliable, uninterrupted power supply for your needs.