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The production process of lithium batteries 2

July 10,2023

Anode making
In anode making process, we cut the material into certain length strips. At the mean time, we put a small piece of insulation tape to the tab in order to prevent any possible internal short. Then the prepared nickel tab is riveted on anode and pat plain. We also tape the rivet section to prevent any possible internal short. And finally, we clean the finished electrodes with vacuum and brush.

Jelly roll
This is Jelly roll, a manual winding process. In the course of Jelly roll, firstly, we place the separator in between central pins, press the foot switch to turn central pins about 120 degrees. Secondly, place the anode to the edge of central pins, and turn central pins about 180 degrees. Lastly, place the cathode to the edge of central pins. During the winding process, we apply tension by pressing the electrodes and the separator. We put the termination tape at the end. After Jelly roll, we check the short circuit, then form the Jelly roll by pressing, so that it is easier to insert the Jelly roll into the can.
Control points:
1. When winding to the end of the anode, covering the anode completely by the separator.
2. In the whole process, it is the most important points to ensure the best alignment among the cathode, the anode and the separator for the Jelly roll. The separator has to cover the anode and the cathode, and the anode has to cover the cathode completely. These points are mainly checked before short checking.