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Knowledge Of The Cheapest Batteries

January 09,2023
  Alkaline battery (English: Alkaline battery) refers to a battery using alkaline electrolyte, which is called alkaline battery in general life, and refers to an alkaline zinc-manganese battery. In a broad sense, the electrode materials used in alkaline batteries include: zinc-manganese dioxide, zinc-mercury oxide, cadmium-nickel hydroxide, etc. The common disposable alkaline battery on the market is composed of zinc-manganese dioxide, which uses manganese dioxide as the cathode of the battery, zinc as the anode, and potassium hydroxide aqueous solution as the electrolyte.
  Note on use:
leaking electrolyte
Avoid recharging disposable alkaline batteries
Use batteries of the same type and capacity
Separate storage when the battery unit is not used for a long time