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2021 Lepower Management Team Outdoor Training

January 06,2023
Top speed in sixty seconds
Speeding up to 60 seconds, it's an impressive game of 30 pieces of information cards that seem to have no connection, but hide some kind of logic, and complete the task in 60 seconds. Team members are required to cooperate fully and use their imagination to find out the hidden logic between them and arrange them in a logical order.

Trust Fall
When the person standing on the stage asked the people below: "I will challenge the trust and fall back, are you ready?", all the companions who formed the human bed answered in unison, "We are always ready!" Companions in the team A high-pitched commitment is an invaluable asset and an inexhaustible source of confidence, courage, strength, and confidence for us to take the plunge.

A drum is connected by ten ropes around it, and each team member is required to pull a rope so that the drum can hang in the air. Team members work together to swing the drum up and down in the air and make the tennis ball bounce up and down on the drum surface. Only when the team members cooperate enough and keep the force, direction and balance all the same, can the ball bounce more times. With the close cooperation of the team members, everyone practiced repeatedly, constantly summed up experience and skills, and finally broke their own records again and again, creating surprising results.

Shipwreck escape
In the face of the 4.5-meter-high survival wall, no matter how strong your ability is, you cannot climb the 4.5-meter-high wall alone, but the collective strength is very great. Under the command of the coach, everyone in the team will Work together, unite and cooperate, and be willing to be a ladder, everyone finally crossed this survival wall. This thing that was thought to be impossible at first, has been completed with the collective efforts, which shows the great strength of the collective.

From this training, you will find that maybe he is so outstanding in his work, let us experience the advantages of each member with our hearts, open our hearts, and accommodate each team member.
I also hope that through this outreach training, we can move from good to great. Outward Bound training is short-lived, but its impact on us is indeed far-reaching. We must practically apply the core values of sharing, creativity, sharing and continuous transcendence to our future work to create a better team.