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Targeted donation of 100,000 yuan! LePower rushes to aid Poyang County to fight the "epidemic" together

November 28,2022
During the Spring Festival, which is celebrated all over the world, the sudden appearance of the new coronavirus caught people all over the country by surprise.
The epidemic is developing too fast, and rescue and medical supplies are in short supply in various regions of the country, whether it is masks, protective clothing or daily necessities for medical staff.
Shenzhen Lepower Electronics Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the principle of "one party is in trouble, all parties support", and began to find channels to purchase relief materials when it learned of the epidemic; but with the exposure of various fake mask factories, in order not to take risks, For the safety of frontline healthcare workers. We donated RMB 100,000 to the "Poyang Red Cross Society" in the name of Shenzhen Lepower Electronics Co., Ltd. strength. 


In the face of disaster, as long as we unite and firmly believe in the guidance plan led by the CPC Central Committee, we will be able to defeat the epidemic.
Maybe spring will be late, but it will not return! Salute to all the medical and staff working on the front line! May all those who are battling the disease get well soon!
Finally, Shenzhen Lepower Electronics Co., Ltd. reminds everyone again: wear a mask when you go out, let's cheer for China together!