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Equipment Capability

January 01,2023
Equipment Capability

  In this segment we are automating the production of electronic components, surface-mount technology is a method of making electronic circuits in which components are mounted or placed directly on the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs) .

  SMT process through the production of a complete circuit board, through a computer program to manually test the integrity and safety of the circuit board, and then collected to prepare for the next process.

  The semi-finished battery is fixed and put into an automatic welder to carry out the welding process of the nickel sheet of the battery. Then, it is assembled with the PCB board to enter the welding process of the protective plate. After that, the insulating paper is pasted to weld the positive and negative electrode wires, after the charge and discharge test and then fixed wire, a complete cell assembly process is completed.

  Assemble the front case, fix the battery pack, install the AC wire and cable, connect the power cable to the protection board, arrange the cable and tie up the cable, after testing, the front and back of the shell, such a complete energy storage power supply is completed.